Retirement Strategies
Few transitions in life are more important than retirement.  You save all your working life for this event, hoping you have enough money to live comfortably, and praying you do not make any financial mistakes to jeopardize your future retirement lifestyle.  You must make so many decisions about a pension, Social Security, 401k and IRA withdrawals, realizing these decisions impact the rest of your life.  Perhaps you find yourself thinking, "Don't blow it now!"

A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER can help guide you through these decisions, alleviating anxiety about making a "wrong" choice.  You are doing this for the first and only time, but  I have helped dozens of people make their retirement choices using sound financial planning techniques.  Contact me before you make those retirement decisions!


Retirement Savings
Will you have enough money to get through retirement the way you dreamed?  Many people wonder how much is enough for retirement.  My goal is to help you build the income needed for your “golden years" to assure you do not run out of money.  Through the planning process we use tools that help tailor our path to helping you reach your goals, allowing you to approach retirement with confidence.  There is nothing like meeting retirement with the thought, “We have planned well."  Call now so we can get started:  (309) 664-2600.


College Strategies
As a father of two young girls, I am keenly aware of the stressful effects college costs present an unprepared family.  With that, I believe the importance of a college education grows with each generation.  Proper planning makes a great difference for our children’s future.

We use the most sensible tax-favored investment strategies to help parents and grandparents prepare for college funding.  I have helped dozens of families plan for their children’s future, allowing each young person to reach their hopes and dreams.  Call now to start a college savings plan.


Succession Planning
Although you cannot take your assets with you, you can plan what happens with them after you are gone.  Many people do not have a defined succession plan, which causes problems upon their death.  Money that was hoped to go to one person ends up going to another.

You can reduce errors from occurring at death by using tools such as account titling, beneficiary designations, and involving attorneys.  While planning tools minimize the taxes and probate costs, prudent investments and insurance protect the legacy you desire to leave your heirs. Together we can work towards assuring your estate divides according to your wishes.  Call us now for a free consultation.


Business Planning
As a small business owner, I understand the many challenges facing businesses today.  As one person said, "I don’t own my business, it owns me.”  I have helped many businesses establish retirement plans for the owner and his or her employees. Retirement plans are not a one size fits all, which is why we sit down with business owners to discuss their goals.  Once we have a goal in mind, we suggest a plan that will fit those goals.

Personal service and regular reviews make establishing and maintaining retirement plans a positive process for both the employer and employee.  Let us show you how customized retirement plans help shelter dollars from taxes and offer an employee benefit that helps attract and retain key employees.


Asset Protection
Your greatest asset may be your ability to bring home a paycheck.  Whether you need income protection in the event of death, disability or poor health, we are uniquely suited to direct you to the best solution.  Although many advisors offer products their parent company chooses, we work for you, the client.  As an independent advisor, this means we offer the most competitive products from different companies in the industry to fulfill your needs.  Call or email us anytime for a quote, or submite a completed quote request through our website (see "Request a Quote" tab).


Financial Planning
As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional, I am trained to assist you in many facets of financial planning.  I work closely with many of the area's top Accountants and Attorneys to construct a plan that takes you down the best path in your financial journey.  We work as a team with tax professionals, estate, and trust specialists to help you reach your goals.  Our commitment to the financial planning process is what has helped us achieve and exceed our customer’s expectations for decades.  Call us for a complimentary consultation.




Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in periods of declining values. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Please note that individual situations can vary. 2. Neither Woodbury Financial Services, Inc. nor its representatives or employees provide legal or tax advice. If legal or tax advice or other expert assistance is required, the service of a currently practicing professional should be sought.


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