Insurance Services

In addition to offering comprehensive financial planning, Falstad & Associates offers a spectrum of Life and Health insurance products to meet our clients' unique protection needs.


Life Insurance
Life Insurance is one of the most affordable means of protecting loved ones from the financial hardship caused by loss of life.  Although no one wants to think about such a tragedy, these events do happen every day.  Life Insurance offers a straightforward, inexpensive solution to covering expenses like funeral costs, end-of-life medical care, replacing lost income, protecting survivors' retirement savings, and more.  Many clients like to use Life Insurance as a means of protecting their children's options for ongoing education even if the deceased cannot be there to see it.

Rather than sidestep the conversation, come talk to Falstad & Associates about how you can leave your dependents free of avoidable financial stress, and open doors of opportunity to them.  Since Falstad & Associates is an independent firm, we can secure coverage for you at the most competitve rate.  Talk to us about a Life Insurance quote.


Disability Income Insurance
More than likely your most valuable asset is your paycheck.  Without a reliable source of income, you can quickly deplete the cash reserves and savings you have worked so hard to build.  Meanwhile, your bills and responsibilities continue coming in like clockwork.  Fortunately, there is an answer to the question, How am I gong to pull this off?

Disability Income policies supplement a portion of your regular income when an illness or injury prevents you from working for a period of time (or permanently).  A policy like Disability Income supplies the steady income stream you depend on when a dramatic lifestyle change demands your full attention.  Why not talk to Falstad & Associates about how we can help you avoid the unwelcome strain an illness or injury could impose?  We are happy to help!


Health Insurance
Perhaps one of the most pressing needs to date is Health Insurance coverage.  The costs of modern medicine and health care in the United States is overwhelming to the vast majority.  Before getting overwhelmed, let Falstad & Associates help you wade through the details to help situate you into a reasonable plan that will address your family's health care needs.


Medicare Supplement Insurance
Clients are responsible to make many decisions as they near age 65, including Medicare decisions.  Is Original Medicare (Parts A & B) enough to meet my needs?  Is it important to carry Part D (prescription drug coverage)?  Is there a difference between Medigap and Medicare Supplement (Part C) insurance?  Let us walk with you through this tough decision-making period to help you land on a Medicare option that makes sense for you.


Long-Term Care Insurance
Today is it quite common to live into our 80s, 90s, and even 100s.  While that is good news, that also means we must contemplate ways to finance our health care 20-30 years after retiring, a time when we no longer have the benefit of a group health care plan through an employer.

Long-Term Care Insurance covers a spectrum of health care needs while shielding your assets.  Although most people think of Long-Term Care Insurance as "nursing home insurance," these policies are designed to help offest much more than that, including custodial care, home health, respite care, assisted living, and skilled nursing care.  Additionally, Long-Term Care Insurance policies protect your assets from state-specific spenddown rules, giving you more options to pick from and increasing your chances of receiving care where you want.

If the kind of treatment, location of treatment, and provider of care matter to you and your personal long-term health care, talk to Falstad & Associates to determine if a Long-Term Care Insurance policy is a suitable option for you.

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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck