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Investment Services


Few transitions in life are more important (or stressful) than retirement. You have countless decisions to make about your pension, Social Security, Medicare, 401(k) and IRA withdrawals, just to name a few. A CERTIFIED FINANICAL PLANNER™ professional like Pete can help guide you through these decisions to help you achieve your best possible outcome.


We are keenly aware of the enormous expense a college education represents for families like yours. Careful and efficient planning is key to prepare for this exciting next step. We use the most sensible tax-favored investment vehicles to help parents and grandparents accumulate funding for future education costs.

Estate Planning

Although you cannot take your assets with you, you can decide where and to whom your money flows after you are gone. We can help you define your estate plan and watch out for potential pitfalls that may lead to costly and time-consuming headaches (like probate) for your survivors.

Business Retirement Planning

While owning your own business is often exhilarating, it can be exhausting too. One area we can help you with is choosing which retirement plan works best for you and your employees. Your decision on this not only impacts your own retirement, it impacts your recruitment and retention success.

Income Protection

Even the most robust financial plans can crumble when faced with a life-changing event like death, disability, or illness. We can help you mitigate the threat these circumstances pose to you and your family. Let’s find a tool that fits your unique situation and protects your paycheck.

Asset Protection

The jump from your income-producing years into retirement demands a shift in mindset and protection strategies. Securing a reliable way to offset the impact of taxes and the expense of health care are crucial to prevent the depletion of assets - for you and your spouse.

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