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Our Process

Our Process

Our Process

Relationship-building fuels our service model and informs our business process.  Since a clear path forward helps you feel comfortable, we describe all of our onboarding steps below.  You can rest assured our team is available to you throughout the way to answer your questions and provide assistance.

Wouldn't it be nice to get a "free look" before committing to work together?  We agree.  That is why we start with the Fit Appointment, our complimentary consultation to ask your questions and help you decide if we are a "good fit" for you.  It is important you feel confident about your decision to work with us.  After the Fit Appointment, the next step largely depends on you.  If your answer to Do you want to work with us? is 

"Thanks, but no thanks."  We wish you the best and discontinue contact.
"I'm interested, but not ready." We agree to a date to follow up with you.
"I am ready to move forward!" We help you schedule a Discovery Appointment (Step 2).

If you are interested in scheduling a Fit Appointment with us, click the button below!

Schedule Your Fit Appointment

Once you determine you want to work with us, the next step is to schedule a Discovery Appointment.  In this meeting we dive deeper into your goals and gather the personal & financial information needed to prepare your Investment Plan.  You will receive a comprehensive list of information and documentation we need from you when you schedule your Discovery Appointment.  After you supply all the requested data, we build your personalized Investment Plan and prepare paperwork accordingly.  You will review that plan in the following step.  

This is the final step in the onboarding process where we take action to help you realize your dreams!  In the Implementation Appointment we draw connections between your goals and our suggestions in the Investment Plan.  Provided you accept our suggestions, we proceed to sign paperwork.  If you want to make changes or forego a part of your Investment Plan, we modify our paperwork to reflect those changes.  This is your plan.  We move at your speed.

Meet the Planning Team

We are passionate about building financial plans based on relationships.  You get the best advice if we really know you.  This is why we reach out to our clients at least once a year to schedule a Review, and touch base by phone or e-mail between appointments.  We want to learn what's going on in your life and stay close to you to answer your questions.  Think of it as an "open door policy" to encourage the ongoing, dynamic process of financial planning.

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